airbnb hosting checklist

With ‘staycations’ growing in popularity, the use of Airbnb’s has grown rapidly, and the number of hosts is also steadily increasing (there are 14,000 new hosts joining every month in 2021). Whether you are a seasoned host or just starting out, it is vital that you know the laws and requirements surrounding your holiday let.

You’ve got your property ready, you’ve even gone that extra mile with the champagne, but what about the safety of the guests? Whether you rent out a house, flat, or just a few bedrooms, we can make sure your rental is safe for guests and that you have the correct certification in place.  

If an incident were to occur at your rented properties and you as the host have never had your safety certification in place or in date, you may be held liable. 

If you are an Airbnb host that wants to ensure their guests safety, and that you won’t be held liable, you are in luck as we have collated our most recommended electrical safety checks to help you with a checklist. Even better…we can perform all the recommended checks ourselves! 

Our Airbnb Hosting Checklist: 

  • Book in for a PAT Test to ensure the safety of all electrical appliances.
  • Install Smoke Detectors and have them checked regularly by someone who is electrically competant.
  • Book in for an EICR to highlight any potential dangers such as deterioration, defects, damage, or non-compliance with the electrical circuits in the property. 

As an Airbnb host, do I need to get my appliances PAT Tested?  

Although Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is not a legal requirement for Airbnb hosts, it is a legal requirement that all the electrical appliances you provide in your rented properties are safe and properly maintained. 

The only way to check they are safe is by doing a PAT test. 

PAT Test is recommended to be carried out every 12 months. Each appliance is tested individually and labelled pass or fail. Some examples of portable appliances are as follows:  

  • Fridges 
  • Freezers 
  • Lamps
  • TVs
  • Kettles
  • Toasters 

If a minor failure (such as a plug or fuse) is found, we will replace it immediately free of charge! All major failures will be highlighted immediately, and the reasons will be documented.  

Thanks to PAT, you’ll know exactly what electrical equipment needs replacing, and when. Safety should ALWAYS be a priority for your guests. 

Once completed, the results are recorded onto a PAT certificate. At NSI, we pride ourselves on our 24-hour certificate turnaround! Find out more about PAT Testing here.

How regularly should I have my electrical appliances PAT Tested?  

Most hosts like to have everything tested once a year. We recommend this also.  

Having your appliances tested once a year by someone electrically trained and competent is easy to remember and gives peace of mind to the host knowing that all electrics in the property are safe to use and they cannot be held accountable.  

As an Airbnb host, do I need to have smoke alarms in my rented properties?  

Hosts are encouraged to have a smoke alarm in their properties and have them tested regularly. On their website, Airbnb state:  

“We encourage hosts to check their homes to check if they already have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and install them if they don’t. Once alarms are in place, hosts should test them regularly, and make sure their listing description is up to date.” 

How often should smoke detectors be tested?  

Your smoke alarms should be regularly checked by someone electrically trained for damage, deterioration, and non-compliances with present-day safety standards. You can be confident that every engineer at NSI is electrically trained.

Failure to show you have instructed the correct tradesmen could render you liable. Find out more here.

At NSI, we suggest yearly professional checks. 

What is an EICR and do I need one as an Airbnb host? 

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is carried out to ensure the property is electrically safe for tenants.

This type of report is carried out to help to identify the following:

  • Integrity and degradation of the wiring
  • Damage to electrical accessories, including sockets and switches
  • Ensuring the property complies with relevant BS7671 regulations

Similar to PAT Testing, an EICR is not a legal requirement for Airbnb hosts, but it is a legal requirement that all the electrical appliances you provide in your rented properties are safe and properly maintained. Find out more here.

How much do they cost? 

Prices start from just £150* for an EICR, £65* for Smoke Detector Testing, and £60 for PAT Testing for residential properties (*dependent upon location). 

Or take advantage of our SAFE Certified package, which combines three amazing services (including PAT Testing) in just one appointment, with savings of over £100 per property. To find out more click here.

Our engineers are professional, friendly, and efficient. Just check out this review from Michelle Sam Adams:

“The lads arrived just after 9am, extremely pleasant, friendly and professional. Explained everything they were doing. Complete confidence in their knowledge. Ideal workforce. Exemplary employees for any company.” 

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