Are your properties SAFE Certified?

What is SAFE?

SAFE is an annual Safety Assessment of Fire & Electrics for residential properties. This comprises a VIR (Visual Inspection Report), PAT, and a Smoke Detector test.

SAFE is a combined package where NSI carry out all three electrical inspections and tests in just one appointment, saving you time and money.

Why would you have it?

A VIR is required 12 months after an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), which is needed for pre-existing tenancies before 1st April 2021, and for any new tenancies.

When you book your VIR through our SAFE Certified package, you can save over £100 per property. Find out more about your savings here.

Get your properties SAFE Certified 1 year after an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) for total confidence in your tenant’s safety.

Avoid the need for separate appointments for VIR, PAT & Smoke Detector testing and save money by signing up to our SAFE Certified package you are covered all year round, every year.

What is included?

  • Visual Inspection Report (VIR): An in-depth visual inspection report will help to identify any visible signs of burning, damage, defects, or deterioration to the electrics.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT): We ensure all appliances are safe to use. Every PAT testing job is supplied with an inventory list for your records.
  • Smoke Detector Testing: Smoke detectors are life-saving pieces of equipment. You have a legal duty to ensure these are maintained and operational.

What are the benefits?

Our customers are loving our SAFE Certified package, just check out this 5-star review from Senior Lettings Negotiator, Charlotte S:

“We have been using NSI’s “SAFE Certified” package for a while now and the service we have received is brilliant. Three services are all completed in one visit with decent savings due to all of them being combined. We will definitely keep coming back year on year for this package.”

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Do I need an electrician for PAT testing, VIR and smoke detectors?

Visual Electrical Inspections (VIR), PAT testing and Smoke Detector testing must be carried out by a competent person, and you need to be able to demonstrate this if there are safety or fire issues.

The only way to completely demonstrate competence for a PAT, VIR or Smoke Detector test is to be a qualified electrician with specialist knowledge of electrical installations.

Don’t put your tenants in danger, don’t risk being liable for when things go wrong. Rely on NSI to send qualified electricians to ensure you and your tenants are SAFE Certified every 12 months in line with your EICR anniversary.

Our professionals offer an efficient and professional service, and you will receive your digital certificates within 72 hours of the inspection.

What are you waiting for?

Simply book your Safe Certified appointment by clicking the button below, and let’s get you SAFE!