The Dangers of Doing Your Own Electrics

The Dangers of Doing Your Own Electrics

It is always tempting to try your hand at some jobs around the house, you may think it will save you some time and money but, in many cases, it can be quite the opposite. 

DIY repairs and botch jobs can cause you a higher cost in the long run and can you really be sure that you have done your best to comply with current regulations and that your electrics are safe? 

Unfortunately, there are no real regulations in place in the UK to avoid DIY electrical works, this has resulted in 29% of Brits doing DIY electrical repairs on their properties. That’s over 18 MILLION people! 

“Do-It-Yourself” electrical repairs are one of the riskiest forms of home improvements. Avoiding calling an electrician may be a tempting prospect to save a bit of cash but the result can be catastrophic. 

Did you know that almost a quarter of these repairs will result in a qualified electrician being called in the end due to it going wrong?  

Have we convinced you to book in with an electrician yet? No? Keep reading to find out some of the dangers of doing your own electrics. 

Electrical Shock 

Electrical shocks are still a leading cause of on-the-job death for construction workers even though they have the proper equipment and are professionally trained.  

When thinking of untrained homeowners attempting electrical work, the risk rises significantly due to the lack of training and protective equipment. 

Did you know that you can get an electric shock from old electrical appliances if they have wires which are damaged or frayed?  

If you’re a homeowner, or if you’re a landlord letting out to tenants, it is imperative that you have your electrics regularly checked by a qualified and competent electrician. 

Code Violations

As a homeowner, you are unlikely to understand or be aware of electrical code violations or how to ensure your work is compliant. 

If you are making improvements with the intention of putting the house up for sale, you could end up with costly repair sums to fix subpar and dangerous electrical work.  

Save yourself the trouble and get a professional from the get-go! 

Inspection Issues 

Did you know that ALL electrical components are required to pass an inspection before they can be used? When performing a repair at home, many people forget about this or do not realise it is a requirement. 

Without inspecting an electrical repair, it can lead to risks for the homeowner and cause substantial fines.

If you are selling the house, you can run into trouble when it fails to pass inspection due to not meeting the criteria. If you use an electrician, they will be able to do your repairs safer, quicker and ensure that they will all pass inspection. 

Property Damage

If you attempt to fix something that you are not trained to do, it can often cause more harm than good. 

Working with electrical wiring can pose risks such as frying appliances and melting wires. Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, this is highly likely if you use the wrong sized wiring or circuits by accident.

You can cause damage requiring expensive replacement of home appliances and major electrical work even extending to rewiring a whole section of your home.  

So how can you avoid property damage? First, don’t do electrical work yourself! Second, get a qualified and competent electrician to check and install your electrics.  


Did you know that the majority of home fires are caused by faulty electrics? 

The risk of fire is also a profoundly serious consequence of poorly carried out electrical work. 

DIY Electrical work can cause a spark which could lead to a fire. Melting wires or poorly connected wires are found to be the most common cause.

It is not worth the risk to you, your family, or your tenants. 

Now you know all the dangers of doing your own electricsbook with NSI’s qualified and trained professionals to ensure your electrics are in safe hands.