Digital Enterprise Top 100

National Safety Inspections has been recognised as one of the Top 100 most innovative, resilient, and digitally transformational businesses in the Leeds City Region as part of the Digital Enterprise TOP 100. 

What is The Digital Enterprise TOP 100? 

Created by Umi, the Digital Enterprise TOP 100 is an initiative that aims to identify businesses in the Leeds City Region who are setting a strong example for others to follow. 

The overall goal of the campaign is to encourage firms to embrace technology and achieve digital transformation through funding and educational opportunities. Find out more here.

The Nominees 

The Digital Enterprise TOP 100 recognise businesses small and medium-sized in the TOP 100 and cover a variety of industries including game developers and landscapers.    

Muz Mumtaz, Digital Enterprise Programme Lead, said:  

“These 100 diverse and pioneering businesses have made an investment in technology that has really paid off for them. They have been pivoting, driving growth, securing and creating jobs by harnessing technology to adapt to a constantly evolving business landscape” 

Digital technology has played a crucial role over the last year, helping businesses to continue operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

There has been a seismic shift as a result in attitudes around digitalisation, with it becoming more widely renowned and accepted by businesses across the world.  

Businesses, like ourselves, who have understood and embraced digital technology and proceeded to use it over the last year to remain resilient with the changing circumstances, have been recognised in this very competitive year.  

The owners 

Daniel Coombe and Andrew Stoner, fellow Directors and founders of National Safety Inspections said: “We are delighted to be recognised in the Digital Enterprise TOP 100. Not only are we one of the key businesses to be credited for our excellent products and services, but also for our management processes and businesses operations.  

We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality and professional service and we are pleased to see that our team has received the recognition it deserves.” 

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