NSI meets Leeds Live

National Safety Inspections were delighted to be featured in ‘Leeds Live’ recently, which is a new voice in a growing and modern city, bringing you the latest news, sport and events updates from around Leeds.

In the article, Directors Dan Combe and Andy Stoner, talk all things NSI. From creation to growth and evolution, with challenging times through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Directors take us on their journey.

The story behind NSI

NSI was founded by Andy Stoner and Dan Combe in 2017. The two were friends since school and came back together in 2017 after discovering that they had a unique combination of skills that would allow them to pursue the start-up.

Dan said: “Out of the blue me and Andy spoke to each other about the idea of setting up and just offering testing, and then we just said, let’s do it. So, I moved back to Leeds.”

Where did the name come from?

Dan continues: “We were ambitious to be national even as a start-up. That’s why we called ourselves National Safety Inspections, even though we were just in a little office in the city.”

By the end of that year, the two had taken on three staff and were working for several student letting agencies.

New Electrical Testing Regulations

When a new law caused private sector landlords to be required to do electrical checks every 5 years, it opened more opportunities for the business.

They realised that to get work they needed to get ahead of the game. As most electrical companies carry out testing as a side-line and NSI only do the testing, they needed to use their resources to do it well and efficiently.

Andy said: “Student lets were pretty good at doing electrical checks, but the private sector needed to catch up. We realised if we were going to get the work we would have to scale up and get ahead of the game.”

Through a programme called AD:VENTURE, NSI gained funding through grants towards a comprehensive CRM system and business development such as SEO and electrical equipment.

Where are they at now?

By the end of 2020, they developed the business and they had 45 staff and a turnover of £2.5m.

Dan said: “It’s not bad for two lads from Tingley who used to climb over the fence to see each other and play out and walk together to school every day. I am not sure if you’d told us about this then we would have believed it could happen!”

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Since the Leeds Live article, NSI have proudly launched new packages, including SAFE Certified, which comprises a VIR (Visual Inspection Report), PAT, and a Smoke Detector test all into one appointment!

Did you know we’re the ONLY business to incorporate these three services into one package? You can check out the details here.