VIR (Visual Inspection Report) – Can anyone do them?

VIR (Visual Inspection Report) – Can anyone do them?

What is a Visual Inspection Report (VIR) and why do I need one? 

A Visual Inspection Report (VIR) is an in-depth inspection to detect any visible indications of defects, damage or deterioration.  It is needed to confirm if there are any electrical hazards that need to be fixed. 

During a Visual Inspection Report, all electrical accessories will be looked at, identifying any cracks or breaks, any signs of burning, and ensuring they are properly fixed to the wall or ceiling.   

The fuse board will also be inspected. The front cover will be removed, the sizes of cables will be checked, and any signs of burning will be identified.   

Can anyone do a VIR? 

No. Unless you are deemed as competent to do so.  

To conduct a VIR, you should have relevant knowledge of all aspects of a VIR including minor signs of burning, what size cables should be in fuses and anything else that could pose as a safety hazard. 

If you do not have relevant knowledge of any of these aspects of a VIR, then you should not conduct it. You may be liable for any missed hazards.  

Did you know that almost half of all house fires are caused by electrical accidents and emergencies? Doing it yourself or using an unqualified electrician can rapidly increase the chances of having an electrical accident. 

Do the right thing; instruct a professional. For your safety, the professional you instruct must be competent and qualified. Here at NSI, your VIR will be performed and reported by qualified professionals. 

How often should you carry out a Visual Inspection on electrical equipment? 

A Visual Inspection Report should be carried out every year to ensure that all electrical installations are being regularly maintained. Whether it is your own property, or if you are a landlord, it will give you peace of mind to know that no electrical hazards are going unnoticed. 

How much does a Visual Electrical Inspection Report cost?  

Prices start from just £95+VAT (*dependent on location).  

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