What Happens If an EICR Is Unsatisfactory?

What Happens If an EICR Is Unsatisfactory?

Picture this, you have booked in for an EICR expecting it to be plain sailing but then BOOM, the worst happens. You receive an unsatisfactory EICR and are left wondering what your next steps should be.  

What should you do next? What does an unsatisfactory EICR mean? Do you need to pay for another EICR? 

All these questions are valid, and we hope to answer these and more.  

What is an EICR?  

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is carried out to ensure the property is electrically safe for tenants. EICRs are a visual inspection and involve performing tests on electrical installations to ensure everything is safe and properly functioning.  

Once the test is completed, the results of the inspection and testing are clearly detailed in a report. Any observed damage, deterioration, defects, dangerous conditions, and non-compliances with the requirements of the current edition of BS 7671 that may give rise to danger will be recorded and appropriately classified for remedial action. 

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and time. If you’re a landlord, it is required to have the electrical installations in your properties inspected and tested by a person who isqualifiedandcompetent, at an interval of at leastevery 5 years. Book in for your EICR with NSI today.  

What Happens If an EICR Is Unsatisfactory?

The regulations are clear that any breach of safety standards identified by the electrician must be further investigated or remedied by a qualified person.

The landlord is obligated to complete the necessary works within 28 days of receiving the report or within a shorter timeframe if specifically directed to in the report by the inspector. 

eicr report

The landlord must then provide confirmation in writing of the completion of the corrective works from the electrician to the tenant and the local authority within 28 days of the works being completed.

If further investigative work shows more investigative or corrective work is required, then the process above must be repeated until the electrical safety standards are satisfied. 

What criteria will lead to my EICR report coming back as unsatisfactory? 

During an EICR inspection, any faults found will be identified on the report and graded using the following codes.

  • Code 1 (C1): Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action is required. These installations must be made safe as soon as possible. 
  • Code 2 (C2): Potentially dangerous. Urgent remedial action is required. These installations must also be made safe as soon as possible. 
  • Further Investigation (FI): Further investigation is required without delay. This usually means that the inspector will need to return to investigate the issue further. 
  • Code 3 (C3): Improvement recommended. You do not need to get this fixed, but it is recommended you do. 

A C1, C2, or FI code will mean that your inspection will be marked as unsatisfactory. 

Where a Classification Code C1 is considered appropriate, the client is to be advised immediately, and in writing, that immediate remedial action is required (or has been taken) to remove the danger. 

If my EICR Report is Unsatisfactory, Do I Need to Have Another EICR Carried Out at my Property? 

No! The written confirmation provided by your engineer shows that you have taken action to turn the ‘unsatisfactory’ result of your EICR into a ‘satisfactory’ one. 

Can I Still Move a Tenant in even with an Unsatisfactory EICR?

If you have a tenant ready to move in, then you MUST have remedial works done and faults repaired before the check-in date or move the check-in date back to accommodate the works. Safety should always be a top priority for your tenants.

This means that you can supply a satisfactory report at the time of the check-in with your new tenants and makes sure you are covered under legislation.

Also, it provides peace of mind to you and your tenants knowing that all electrics in the property are electrically safe to use and YOU cannot be held accountable.  

EICR Certificate Cost  

Thecost of EICRcertificates can depend on a few factors,including the size of your property and the age of the electrics. At NSI, the EICR cost starts from just £150 + VAT (*location dependant).

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